Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ESPN problem is not political correctness--Ombudsman

(ESPN Ombudsman): "The problem is not the discussion of religion and politics, nor of race, gender, sexual orientation or any other topic as it relates to sports.
  • that deserve more careful thought and expression."
(No written guidelines seem forthcoming, reconfirming the separate power of speakers/writers on ESPN and ensuring a steady line of job applicants to the monopoly).
  • From ESPN Ombudsman's report, 7/14/08:
"Live radio is a terrain strewn with landmines for running mouths. for Bernstein's on-air lapse. Unlike Hill's misfire, this self-inflicted wound might have been just one of those unfortunate slips that does not imply any larger systemic failing on ESPN's part -- except for that articulation of the lesson learned. Bernstein spoke those words, but they were approved by ESPN Radio and ESPN Communications.
  • 'Religion and politics have no place on public airwaves at a sports network.'
Is that really the lesson ESPN wants its employees to learn? If so, everyone on the staff of "Outside the Lines" will have to be fired.... "In the past, we have discussed the notion of putting some guidelines for commentary on paper," said Vince Doria, ESPN's senior vice president and director of news, "but, for a variety of reasons, have decided against it."...
  • (Ombudsman Schreiber concludes): Clearly, ESPN's many layers of editors and producers are not all on the same page,
Without a formal, written handbook of guidance and policy, there is not much chance they ever will be, and the price for that will be paid in avoidable suspensions, apologies and erosion of credibility" A good article but if noticed at all will be chuckled about
  • by people who are certain they know everything. (sm)


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