Saturday, July 19, 2008

Joe Castiglione has a voice and uses it for the better

Joe Castiglione in the 9th, Red Sox v LAA, Manny v K-rod, the at bat begins and Joe notes pitcher v batter stats supplied by MLB. Joe says the league notes exclude any mention of post season, Opinion leaders on ESPN Radio and Fox TV (possibly others) have shown negative feeling about post season stats as evidenced by their commentary during the 2007 ALDS, Red Sox v LAA (posted on this blog 10/7/07 and 10/13/07). Rather than saluting those who've achieved, "opinion leaders" spoke with disdain and sorrow of those who've achieved since the post season became more than the World Series. I've seen no evidence that any leader is fighting to normalize acceptance of these stats-just the reverse.
  • With 3 levels of post season play, those stats "of course" (as Joe Castiglione noted), must be included on a routine basis immediately.
  • It's actually cheating to overlook these stats. Meaning someone thinks they're 'bigger than the game.'
  • At least Joe Castiglione has the dignity to speak up about it.

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