Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another situation lost because of Hank's "Josh Beckett" obsession

Yankee advertisers should run for the door as Hank Steinbrenner has waved the white flag. Today is another example of Hank's folly "by force"--Andy Pettitte giving up a grand slam to Kansas City in the 7th inning when he was obviously out of gas-
  • would never have happened if Joba were available. Joba would've come in in the 7th to get out of it. There is no one else on the staff capable of the job on a regular basis.
While Hank and his media buddies gab on the phone, Mariano Rivera sits in the bullpen. He often goes more than 1 inning, and is always a threat to do so. But there's still a blank space.

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