Friday, May 09, 2008

Eric Wedge has a different view of Mariano Rivera than Sheldon Ocker

  • From the NY Times, 5/8/08:
"Eric Wedge, the manager of the Indians, said Rivera had a “presence” as a pitcher who is charged with getting the most difficult outs of the game. “From what I’ve seen, he’s the best I’ve ever seen.”" Sheldon Ocker (Akron Beacon Journal) was quoted in the NY Times, 11/9/05 when he left Mariano Rivera off his Cy Young ballot:
  • "''For him (Rivera) to get anybody's attention
  • outside of New York now,
  • he'd probably have to save 65 games.'' "
From NY Times article by Tyler Kepner, 11/9/05, "Award Eludes Rivera, Colon Wins Cy Young"
  • ("Outside of New York now?" ERIC WEDGE ISN'T IN NEW YORK AND HE NOTICED. Rivera pitched 2 innings in the "Bugs" game to which Wedge apparently paid attention. Ocker would deny a pitcher's life work if it weren't confined to a "total save stat.") sm
*Rivera saved or won six 1-run games in September 2005,
  • the Yankees were behind at the beginning of the month.*
I realize Eric Wedge isn't a BBWAA member, but I know for a fact he attended at least one of their dinners. When the current system of baseball awards voting is changed, I'll be happy to move on to a different topic.

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