Monday, November 12, 2007

Rays blog has countdown clock to pitchers and catchers

The ticking clock is right at the top. Plus I like the blog. DraysBay.com.

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  • I love the clock.
    The media and many of the fans are being way to dismissive about the chances Rivera will leave. Right now I feel I'm in one of those horror films and everything is too quiet. Gill Meche got 55 million doallers in one of the better deals last year and Tom Gordan and his shoulder thats being held together with chewing gum got a 3 year deal (which actually got the Yankees Joba). If a pitcher is worth 15 million a year (and hes worth more but) whats he worth considering your not going to regret signing him. He going to be great. Whats it worth to Boston to take him away from the Yankees and his sentiment to not go there fades when Boston offers him 10 to 20 million more. ughh
    but I do love the clock I just wish I wasn't the kind of idiot who going to check it 4 times a day like it going to change.

    By Blogger james, at 10:37 PM  

  • I'll probably be checking that clock a few times a day, too. I think it's a little cool that Mo is the one still not signed (as of now). He's always been so anxious to sign-up so it's nice he's taking it slow for a change. Of course, if he actually did leave and went to an AL contender, I'd be horrified. But most people keep harping on the point of the team not signing him in spr. training, ignoring what to me was much worse: the fact they didn't make one lousy phone call to him as he'd asked, and that they answered him via the media, publicly humiliating the man. Mike Francesa has mentioned it a few times, that with their treatment of him, "the Yankees have earned the right" for Mo to let this day come.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 12:44 AM  

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