Monday, November 12, 2007

Eric Byrnes to do XM MLB 175 show, announced by XM exec., Kevin Straley

Eric Byrnes will do a 3-hour show on XM 175 Saturdays during the MLB off season as announced by XM senior VP, Kevin Straley. It's more fun to find out the backgrounds of sports media executives, whether XM, ESPN, or even the YES Network. In the case of Straley, he's a former Boston radio program director, which is nice for Boston Red Sox fans, players and a host of ancillary issues:
  • "XM Satellite Radio has announced that Kevin Straley has been promoted to senior vice president of News, Talk and Sports programming.
  • Straley was previously XM’s vice president of Talk programming. Before joining XM in 2001, he was program director at WRKO Boston."
From RadioInk dated March 15 (no year given) P.S. I don't know Straley, he could be a Giants fan, but it can't hurt. The same logic of an executive's having worked in New York doesn't apply--most of them make a bee-line for Bristol, Ct. money. Consumers are entitled to know the background of media executives. Most of whom are human beings not saints and therefore act accordingly.

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