Saturday, November 10, 2007

Radio advertiser, "Go to My PC.com" yields to Islamic pressure group--cancels Michael Savage

An esteemed guest at the White House and most other halls of power, the Islamic pressure group, acronym C.A.I.R, thinks Michael Savage should welcome their taxpayer funded foot baths at US airports, colleges and anywhere else.
  • Since Savage is the only radio host who keeps such subjects in the forefront, doesn't want his female family members to swelter to death in a hijab and says so, C.A.I.R thinks Michael Savage should be punished, silenced, spanked, and fired.
  • So they've been hounding his advertisers to cancel his show--this is all the rage to weaken and silence the US electorate. They've succeeded in scaring some away, one of which is the advertiser,
"GoToMyPC.com," a company of the Citrix Corporation based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Savage has long since called out the Republican Party being as bad as the Democrats, so they'd be only too thrilled to get rid of him as well. Islamic persons are well-represented in all walks of life in the US, perhaps someone on the board of the Citrix Company is Islamic.
Copy of a letter on the subject posted at MichaelSavage.com.
  • P.S. The term "hate" is quick, handy and trivialized. If your opinion differs from theirs, you magically become "hateful and angry." But if they exhibit "hatred and anger" by trying to silence you, that's supposed to be fine.

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