Wednesday, November 21, 2007

John Sterling, 'Baseball Meets Broadway' show, 11/24

John was interviewed on Mike and the Mad Dog Tuesday, 11/20 about the 1-night only show he created with some of his long-time actor friends. The show is Saturday night 11/24 in Irvington, New York. Lo and behold MLB.com has an article about it too!: (MLB.com quotes Sterling):

  • ""I'll tell some stories about Broadway and baseball, Brad and Barbara will do great versions of some classic songs, and maybe I'll even sing one, too," Sterling said before revealing that he'll perform the old Robert Preston chestnut "I Won't Send Roses" from the Jerry Herman show "Mack and Mabel."

"Preston kind of 'talked' that song, so I figured that would be a good one for me to do," Sterling said.

P.S. The MLB.com article has 2 Sterling calls linked at the top. The best.

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