Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is how baseball media thinks about Arod--

"Worse, they are squandering a most valuable player season from Alex Rodriguez. He came to New York seeking a World Series ring and now has three months left before he decides whether he will leave without it." Murray Chass from his NY Times article, 7/10/07
  • Those who, through no fault of their own, are fans of the team, are aware Arod has squandered big stage opportunities himself. The team got him to the post season to fulfill what you say are his desires but he laid an egg. Also, he came to New York because he decided he didn't want to fulfill his agreement with Texas for $250 million plus. I agree the guy is probably the most talented everyday player in the game, but apparently even that distinction won't keep you from going 1 for 17 or the like in the post season.
Quote from Murray Chass' NY Times article, "Mets are Happy to Play in the Forgiving League," 7/10/07. Arod item is at end of article.

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