Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another reason for the Yankee fan to avoid all media

"Love is at the core of “The Bronx Is Burning,” (hold on-you're being set up...)
  • "and as in any good drama, so are envy, deception, hatred and humiliation."
Really, NY Times? Hasn't been my experience with dramas --any of it. But count on the Times to get the word "hatred" in there. You simply must avoid all media if you're a Yankee fan. It's always negative. Even when they're being cute and trying not to be obvious about it.
  • "In this eight-part mini-series primarily about the 1977 New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner (Oliver Platt) is the great seducer who skillfully woos Billy Martin (John Turturro) to manage his team and Reggie Jackson (Daniel Sunjata) to be the slugging superstar who will put “the meat in the seats.”"
The opening sales pitch of NY Times' Richard Sandomir describing an ESPN movie involving the Yankees says "ENVY, DECEPTION, HATRED AND HUMILIATION" are involved as a normal course of events in any drama. So ESPN is doing what a "good" drama does, let them create an ugly story about the Yankees anytime and you can't complain because the NY Times just told you everyone does it. You're now mute. You have to accept it.
  • "Any drama" doesn't necessarily have any of these 4 things. These are just words to pile negativity onto the most unique Yankee players (then and now) and all the Yankee fans. The media do it 24/7. It's done all the time on XM radio as well.
From the NY Times article by Richard Sandomir, "Summer in the City: Baseball, Blackout, Son of Sam," 7/9/07.

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