Monday, July 09, 2007

Sac. Bee to require names of commenters

Their Public Editor found some abandoned reading or writing comments due to an excess of bile and negativity. Among comments:
  • ""Hooray!" read the e-mail from Dave and Patty Palmer of Georgetown. "We did post several times regarding a sports article and used our real name (didn't find out how the others got their fake one), but so many of the posts were negative and derogatory name calling, etc., that we stopped. As a matter of fact, (we) stopped reading 'comments' altogether.

"So, we are happy The Bee has taken steps to bring good posting, debate and interesting comments for us readers. Thank you."

"Yes, it is time to end anonymous opinions," wrote Laurel Ames of South Lake Tahoe. "The anonymity encourages irresponsible comment. Anonymity seems to unleash inner anger, and (subject others) to name-calling, blame and wild accusations. Who needs it?""

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