Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Setting the record straight

You'll read a stat a lot this week that's not true, which is:
  • "With his next save, Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees will pass John Franco for third place on the all-time saves list..."
Mariano's "all-time" career includes 34 post season "saves." Franco has 1 post season save. So Rivera already has 458 "all-time" career saves. The quote above is from MLB.com, Inc. but I've seen the same reference from a so-called "New York writer." The thought police flog the idea that New York writers are biased in favor of the Yankees which is funny. Even if a writer were a fan of the team or select players, it wouldn't be in his or her future interest to let that tendency play out--(unless they want to work for the team, which isn't usually the case). The real reasons Rivera's correct "all-time" "career" stats are almost never given won't be admitted by those who are party to them. (There are a few). It's a huge oversight.
  • Many of Rivera's post season appearances were 2 innings; 2 of them were 3 innings (1995 and 2003) although he received the "Win" as opposed to the "Save" in the 3 inning appearances. Naughty, naughty. John Delcos spank.
(Since I have no interest in future employment possibilities with ESPN or MLB, I'm free to make the above statements).

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