Friday, March 30, 2007

SI.com writers hype awards rather than actual performance

SI.com's BBWAA guys sell themselves and their awards (demonstrably flawed and political) rather than the actual performance of players they seem to be writing about. (As I've mentioned before). Today's example, "Baseball 2007, the Dice-K Show & Power Struggle in he AL Central," shows the guys' bitterness about teams in the northeast. They tell you those rivalries are no big deal,

  • that many focusing on a 'mysterious rookie' (Dice-K) are blithering idiots, because the real story is IN THE MIDWEST. On top of that, TWINS WIN AWARDS, TWINS WIN AWARDS, and that should shut everyone up. OK.
  • "But while so many eyes are fixed on baseball's most mysterious rookie this season, the toughest tug-of-war around lies smack in the middle of America's heartland - the AL Central."
  • "The Minnesota Twins boast two-time Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana, league MVP Justin Morneau and batting champ Joe Mauer. By the way, they've won four of the past five Central titles."
Really? "By the way...?" Whoa, no kidding. All your buddies have been telling us the opposite about the Yankees. That all the American League titles mean nothing, they never win anything anymore. I thought these SI.com BBWAA guys like Ulman, Withers, and Verducci knew everything.

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