Friday, March 30, 2007

ESPN Ombudsman Solomon 'critiqued' network where his son was employed

ESPN's recent 'ombudsman' George Solomon, is the father of an ESPN producer. Yet he was supposedly delivering a service about ESPN content "separately." This connection has never been secret, but I hadn't known of it. Why would anyone advertise on an outlet with no apparent conscience? From Solomon's column 3/28/07, and after the news the sports media company has hired a new 'ombudsman' no wrongdoing implied on either end:
  • "Navigating the choppy waters of trying to critique my own son's work (producer Aaron Solomon's "Around The Horn") and my former Washington Post employees Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon proved tricky at times. But getting ATH panelists to tone down the volume and trying to stop Kornheiser from referring to Queen Elizabeth II as a "babe" and Wilbon from calling his viewers "knuckleheads" proved fruitless. So did having a conversation with Sean Salisbury on how some viewers might misinterpret his inane ramblings, and trying to explain the duties of an ombudsman to some of the network's biggest stars."
They do these things because no one cares. Item quoted from ESPN.com, Ombudsman/Solomon, 3/28/07

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