Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Talk Radio 'Freedom of Speech' Award goes to Michael Savage

San Francisco--Michael Savage has been named as this year's recipient of Talkers Magazine’s Freedom of Speech Award. The magazine’s Talk Radio First Amendment Committee has selected Talk Radio Network’s syndicated host of Savage Nation, to receive this prestigious honor at this year’s New Media Seminar on June 9, 2007.
  • This will be TALKERS Magazine’s 16th consecutive annual convention, and is generally recognized as the most important and highly attended gathering of key players in the talk media industries.
According to TALKERS Magazine, Savage is being honored, “For being the first major conservative radio talk show host to criticize President George W. Bush on his policies and encourage hosts of all political ideologies to remain independent of partisan loyalties.”
  • Previous recipients of the Freedom of Speech Award include Howard Stern (2006), Al Franken (2005), Rush Limbaugh (2004), Hannity & Colmes (2003), Norm Pattiz (2002), Bill O’Reilly (2001) and Brian Lamb (2000).
In addition to their traditional Freedom of Speech award luncheon and presentation, the convention will concentrate on the talk media industry’s programming and talent. During the two-day convention, over 65 speakers will present topics ranging from podcasting, internet streaming, technological advances to intellectual property, marketing and branding.
  • From Talk Radio Network

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