Friday, March 30, 2007

Is Baseball Tonight propaganda predictable or what. Can we get a fist-pump?

About 15 minutes into the show today, they pick their top 5 closers. The big fist-pump remains a requirement, and they give a nice piece of video on the current winner there--aims right into the tv camera every time. Of course that's Krod. Then they choose Joe Nathan. They're sensitive to the fact that he doesn't have as many multi-inning appearances as some others, so to throw you off that objection, they say, Nathan's a good bet because his team's really managing him well, he only pitched 5x in multi-innings last year, that's good, yeah. Then BJ Ryan. Fine. Then Billy Wagner, with video of a more violent delivery and their reference to his powerful fastball. Fine. Then they do a big hoopla about Hoffman, saying he's a sure bet because he's in a contract year so he should be really great even if he's a little older. That's their 5. Before going to another topic, Steve Phillips looks aside and says in effect there's Mariano Rivera, but he won't be pitching 3 days in a row this year, and Joe Torre only wants to use him for 3 outs. And to make sure he disappears, there's NO video of Mariano. This is what the passive baseball consumer buys as expert analysis. Karl Ravetch adds Papelbon will be returning as closer this year as well. End of discussion on game's closers on ESPN's Baseball Tonight. I'm just documenting another example of their bias. They're entitled to be biased, but no one should buy advertising to support them.

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  • I saw it too. Torre never said they weren't using Mo 3 days in row just that they would limit him to three outs. The media keeps reapeting the 3 outs thing too. Torre says that every year and never does it. Every time he goes back on his word he says "I said I would like to limit Mo to 3 outs"
    A lot (most?) of the media purposely say outlandishly stupid things or vote Jeter 7 in the MVP or leave Matsui off of rookie of the year ballots to get noticed or interviewed on mike and the mad dog. Last week an Espn page 2 writer wrote a story that Kobe Bryant is now a better player than Jordan ever was. I was grateful for the headline so i knew the writer is either stupid or a liar and didn't have to bother reading it. I wish all the sports journalists would have to wear a tag or a mention next to a byline. Steve Phillips Liar former GM. Balderdash with Mike Lupica. I'm going on and on, sorry don't know if any of that made sense.

    By Blogger James, at 9:22 PM  

  • Sure, and thanks for mentioning Phillips actually made up the part about "no 3 days in a row." I found the "Espn Corrections" page (so-called) & tried to leave a message there the other day, but it didn't work. I would sue the Espn guys and awards voters for slander for all the false statements they make. It might put a stop to it.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 9:41 PM  

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