Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Phil Rogers on WFAN with Mike and Chris, 3P hour

Phil speaks very well of Alfonso Soriano...
  • Will continue being leadoff hitter, apparently this topic came up in his contract discussions & Pinella told him they'd keep him at leadoff, which Soriano loves.
  • Rogers says he's ok in the outfield, may improve
  • Cubs have a young Dominican outfielder who'll probably start in AAA, Felix Pie. Says the kid looks up to Soriano and Cubs view him as good role model. Phil says this wouldn't have been the case with Sammy Sosa.
  • Phil thinks Lou won't be as tempestuous as in the old days but will still make a difference over others. Alan Trammell as bench coach is a "really good hire," Pinella's overall coaching staff is much better than Dusty Baker's.
On White Sox, Rogers would've been happier if they hadn't made any changes from their 2006 pitching staff. Thinks Jermaine Dye will continue to be good. Didn't like Erstad at first, but is currently sold on his running ability.

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