Monday, December 25, 2006

How to be a front-line Yankee blogger: dump on them

As I've noted before here, you'll not advance in this world UNLESS you speak disdainfully of the Yankees WHILE POSING AS A YANKEE FAN. The intro of this item on a supposed front-line Yankee blog is quite typical:
  • "Andy Pettitte is back in town. The Mike Francesas of the world are delirious. One of the classic Torre Yankees, a big game pitcher, has returned to the fold. Pettitte's deal seems a bit rich at first blush, until you put it in the context of...
Off the Facade | Posted: 2006-12-24 16:01:58 " by Mitchell Plitnick First of all, Mike Francesa is not delirious. (Are you, Plitnick? Maybe you should get checked out). I've heard just about everything Mike has ever said about Pettitte, so I happen to be able to speak on the topic.
  • And, Plitnick, score one for you, selling your post with a snide, negative slant--this is how to keep your job--keep weaving put-downs about the Yankees and their players. I don't know who else is in Francesa's "world," as you say. And, now Mike is "delirious" according to you.
Plitnick, you've been successfully beaten into submission, so you don't get a few things. First,
  • Francesa doesn't HIDE the fact that he's a fan of a certain team, unlike your ESPN PALS WHO LIE AND SAY THEY'RE REALLY NOT FANS OF ANY ONE TEAM. TO ME, LIARS ARE "DELIRIOUS," PLITNICK, NOT PEOPLE LIKE FRANCESA. Also, I can't see from your words what Francesa said or did that was "delirious," nor is he prone to delirium in general. And, Plitnick, fans are abnormal, "fanatic" people by definition--that's what we have in common.
  • Aside from all that is the related subject of Andy Pettitte. The slant you bring to the table can be found at any number of non-Yankee sites, so there's no reason to read your article. But, of course, you wouldn't be on a front-line so-called Yankee blog if you really had the Yankee fan in mind. You don't--you have the baseball blogging and writing hierarchy in mind, which is something quite different.
P.S. I read quite awhile back how your "colleagues" got on your case about Jeter, and how you really studied the situation and realized that they were right, ie, Jeter was really not so great. To even bring this up was a sign you'd been successfully brainwashed. There are other subjects that could use attention.

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