Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Juan Uribe case not yet closed--Dominican

San Cristobal--"The player of the Chicago White Sox, Juan Uribe is not absolutely free of his supposed participation in an incident in which the worker was wounded from bullet Rafael González, in a fact in a rural community of the municipality of Nizao.
  • The magistrada Regina Carvajal Vizcaíno ordered yesterday to maintain the inquiries open that the professional pelotero involves. The decision of the judge of Instruction of the Judicial District of was taken here yesterday during a hearing that lasted less of half an hour.

The public ministry made established clear in the hearing that the investigations on the incident never have been lengthy. The hearing of objection of file elevated by the lawyers of the defense Carlos de la Cruz and Roberto Faxas, was well-known yesterday and until it was not passed the two of afternoon and after listening to the pleas, when magistrate Fernelis A. Rodriguez Castillo, attached solicitor decided to continue with the investigations. The lawyers de la Cruz and Faxas, representatives of the constituted civil part against the Uribe player, of Chicago, said to count on new elements that prove the participation of the pelotero in the incidents that were originated in the municipality of Nizao.

  • The player is accused to violate article two of law 295 of the Penal Code, attempt of homicide. The attached solicitor Rodriguez Castillo indicated that the public ministry will continue with the investigations with the elements that say to contribute to the civil actors in representation of the plaintiff Rafael González.
  • In the hearing in the Court of Instruction, the pelotero Uribe was not present, that was made represent by its lawyer, at that time jurist of the equipment Lions of the Chosen one."

Report by Listin Diario, 12/19/06, google translation. Original article in Spanish

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