Friday, December 22, 2006

Yankee Luxury Tax donation dips to $26 million

The remaining Yankee fans who can afford to attend games will pay less this year to idiot sons and con artist/owners of other teams. In 2005, they paid $34 million in luxury tax (this is separate from what they paid in revenue sharing), but this year, only $26 million. International celebrity and AP sports copywriter delivers the happy news:

'The Yankees got the bill Friday for their sorry season. The Yankees were slapped with a $26 million luxury tax by the commissioner's office, raising New York's total to $97.75 million over the last four years. Boston, which missed the playoffs, was the only other team over the tax threshold and will pay $497,549.

New York hasn't won the World Series since 2000, and was knocked out in the first round of the playoffs for the second straight year. The Yankees paid tax in all four seasons of the just-expired collective-bargaining agreement: $11.8 million in 2003, $26 million in 2004 and $34 million for last year.'

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