Thursday, December 21, 2006

Boston Herald starts Japanese language pages

'With its recent launch of Japanese pages on its www.bostonherald.com Web site, the Herald is giving baseball fans in Japan an American perspective on superstar right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka translated into Japanese. The Japanese postings of selected Herald stories and columns relating to the 26-year-old pitcher began after last week’s official announcement of the Red Sox’ six-year deal.
  • Readers on the Herald’s Web site can now click onto the Japanese flag icon associated with selected stories and view a Japanese translation of the story.
“All we’ve heard about is how interested the Japanese are in following the progress of players from their country coming to the Major Leagues,” said Herald Executive Sports Editor Hank Hryniewicz. “So why not reach out and try to draw those readers to our Web site? It makes perfect sense.”
Bill Gaffney, Herald Interactive’s vice president of technology, production and editorial, said online users from Japan have jumped from seventh to second, surpassing Canada and the U.K., which previously held the two and three spots.
  • “This is a unique project that's trying to bring two completely different cultures together,” Gaffney said. “Once they get a taste of American journalism in Japan, especially on a subject that is written with such emotion by our reporters, I think they’ll be hooked.”'
from the Boston Herald, 12/21/06 by Staff (Interesting the boss there says they write with "such emotion...." I thought voting members of the BBWAA or even just reporters, were all objective. At least that's what they tell us all the time. So that's a lie.) sm

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