Monday, July 31, 2006

Akron Beacon-Journal's new owner to cut jobs

"Black Press president David Black said last week in Akron: "We've got to do something about costs as well as grow the revenue. The good news from everybody's point of view here is, [new Beacon Journal publisher] Ed [Moss] and I are builders. That's how I built my business. That's how Ed made his way in the industry. We're going to do that here." Black said it's likely building-wide job cuts will be part of the process. " (from poynter.org)
  • This newspaper was part of the McClatchy group. Hopefully, no one will lose their job, but be aware that even if Sheldon Ocker or any other BBWAA voter on staff there does leave, he'll retain his voting rights for baseball awards. We still don't know yet if the new ownership will even allow its employees to vote on baseball awards.

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