Sunday, July 30, 2006

Karl Ravetch with ESPN Bully Pulpit desperate to confuse the "saves" issue

It is ESPN's and Karl Ravetch's main purpose in life in minimize Mariano Rivera. Just now in mentioning the Hall of Fame, they put up a graphic listing total career saves, & he booms that these guys should get consideration. Of course, he does this because this won't
  • Show Mariano's 34 post season saves, which are much harder to get.
And, everyone knows there are all kinds of "saves;" ESPN's favorite so-called closer never pitches more than 1 inning, for example, so his team has to have an another entire human being to do the job that Mariano's team knows he can be called upon to do anytime--go more than 1 inning. See, the west coast team is going for the "total saves" prize as a marketing vehicle, so they want to use their closer as little as possible. (I've heard this myself listening to the games). The guy is on record anyway saying he's only a 1 inning pitcher. That's just a little piece of reality that the very bitter Karl Ravetch doesn't want you to know.

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