Friday, July 28, 2006

Chien-Ming Wang---not too many ground balls turn into home runs...

Chien-Ming Wang doing his ground-ball magic again tonight with a complete game shut-out,
  • 18 ground-outs.
  • BF 30
  • #P 104
You won't see this on espn though. He doesn't gesticulate violently, or pump his fist while turning to face the tv camera. The obvious: If you rely on espn, you'll be uninformed. P.S. You'll hear Matsui is swinging the bat, soon will be back etc. LIE. He's swinging a small bat WITH ONE ARM. YES Network misses the video of Bernie's curtain call for his HR. (Gives us 2 seconds after the cameras have left the field & gone into commercial-thanks a bunch).

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