Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jeff Schultz, Atlanta JC-Would've voted for Andruw

The "Baseball Writers" vote for the MVP awards? Right? No. Many papers don't allow their writers to vote for baseball awards. This year, NO ONE FROM ATLANTA HAD A VOTE IN THE NL MVP! The "2 votes" from that city were farmed out to an espn.com writer from Philadelphia, and another writer from Minnesota. JUST FOR THE RECORD, Atlanta Braves beat writer from the Atlanta Journal Constit., Jeff Schultz, was on XM with Chuck Wilson, & SAID HE THOUGHT ANDRUW JONES SHOULD'VE WON. Jeff cited his defensive as well as offensive contributions. Not saying every local writer always votes for his local player. But, we know Andruw got cheated out of at least 1 first place vote by BBWAA's scandalous, back-room deals.

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