Monday, November 14, 2005

Is anyone in XM management listening?

I guess not. Dibble keeps up his rants against Mariano Rivera, when the subject is Arod vs Ortiz for AL MVP. Maybe this is a joke. If it's not, Dibble needs counseling or needs a different job. In responding to a caller about Arod, Dibble goes into a rant about how many days off Joe Torre gave Mo to rest him in the last month. Not even true(which I'll detail in an upcoming post), but no where near the subject. THEN, Dibble blurts out, "GARY SHEFFIELD ACTUALLY FINISHED AHEAD OF MARIANO RIVERA!!!" Wow. Who mentioned Sheffield or Rivera? No one, none of the callers. Dibble goes to break saying, "We'll have Mo Rivera coming up after the break...I mean Mo Vaughn." Rob, your closer friend on the west coast will get a job, but your rants against Rivera won't help him.

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