Sunday, November 20, 2005

Baseball juice & brawls

They've been talking on XM about the seizure of more than 100 players' urine tests from 2003. The samples were thought to have been destroyed, but now there's a chance they might be used for evidence of steroid abuse. But, on tv I found a classic--- 2003 ALCS Yankees @ Red Sox, Game 3, where the big brawl happened. As the espn announcers described it, Pedro had thrown at Karim Garcia's head, & they said he would've been ejected from the game were it not a playoff game, & were the homeplate umpire not a novice. Next inning, Clemens threw behind Manny's head, just as a reminder, nothing dangerous. But, Manny got mad, Don Zimmer ran towards Pedro, Pedro took Zimmer by the head & threw him to the ground. More brawling ensued. The announcers said that Zimmer is sensitive about pitchers' head hunting. He has metal plates in his own head, following being hit by a stray ball.

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