Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ichiro, Beckett, Flash, Hernandez

Ichiro has expressed his unhappiness with card-players as well as manager Hargrove & GM Bill Bavasi. The Yankees have inquired about him, but so far the Mariners aren't dealing. Everyone wants Wang and Cano, who wouldn't? As of now, the days of the Yankees giving away their best young prospects are past. The Mariners' ownership is on record saying their investors' profits are "extremely important." As long as you have owners who aren't willing to take a risk, you might as well have a failing corner deli. It becomes like any other business.
  • Reports that the Red Sox are in on the Beckett bids
  • Yanks tell Tom Gordon they'd like 2 years
  • Mets' 1st choice is catcher Ramon Hernandez, then Molina

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