Monday, July 07, 2014

Cuban pitchers caught trying to defect are kicked off their Cuban teams-AP

7/7/14, "Cuba: Team boots two pitchers after defection bids," AP via USA Today, Havana

Diosdani Castillo
"Villa Clara pitchers Diosdani Castillo and Yasmany Hernandez Romero have been indefinitely kicked off their club after they recently attempted to defect, according to Cuban official media.

The Vanguardia newspaper of Villa Clara province said Castillo and Hernandez tried to leave the island about two weeks ago.

"They will no longer wear the orange jersey following a grave indiscipline," Vanguardia reported over the weekend.

Villa Clara is the reigning champion of the Cuban baseball league, and orange is its signature color. Sports officials announced in late June that Castillo, Hernandez and several players from other clubs would be left off a national squad that is set to face a team of U.S. collegians later this month.

All were said to have made "illegal exit attempts." At least one of the players named, Yasmani Tomas of the Havana team Industriales, was successful.

Cuban ballplayers who leave often hope to compete in the United States, where potential multimillion-dollar contracts beckon.

Cuba recently began letting some players still in their prime sign temporary contracts in other leagues such as Japan."

Image: "In this Jan 18, 2014, photo, Villa Clara's pitcher Diosdani Castillo takes a break after a training session at the Latinamerican stadium in Havana, Cuba. Cuban authorities say Castillo, as well as the team's other pitcher Yasmany Hernandez Romero, will no longer play for the local club which won the championship last season, after they allegedly attempted to defect." ap

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