Thursday, July 03, 2014

Zelous Wheeler gets first Major League hit, first Major League home run, and first John Sterling home run call: "Wheels up for Zelous!". Update: Zelous hits 2nd home run on July 10

7/10/14, Yankee RF/3B Zelous Wheeler hit a two run home run v Cleveland Indians in top of the 4th. John Sterling kept same tag:

"Pitch is swung on and driven to deep left...that ball is high, it is far, it is gone! Zelous Wheeler drills a two run home run over the high wall in left...Wheels up for Zelous! As he flies around the bases, it's a two run Wheeler home run and the Yankees take a two nothing lead."

Final 9-3 Indians.

7/3/14, Yankee 3B Zelous Wheeler hit a home run v Minnesota Twins in the top of the fifth. John Sterling's tag for Wheeler:

"Wheels up for Zelous!"

Here's the entire John Sterling call:

"Pitch. Swung on and hit in the air to deep left center field, away back goes Fuld, looking up, and that ball is.......gone! It got over the bullpen fence. Zelous Wheeler in his second time up hits one out! Wheels up for Zelous! He homers and the Yankees take a 4-2 lead."

Final 7-4 Yankees.


It was Wheeler's second major league at bat. Suzyn Waldman mentions Wheeler's family lives in Birmingham, Alabama and plans to travel to Cleveland to watch Zelous play in the upcoming Yankee series there.

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