Thursday, May 08, 2014

Derek Jeter gets first John Sterling home run call of 2014 and last of his career at Angels Stadium...'El Capitan'

5/7/14, Derek Jeter hit his first home run of 2014 in the second inning in Anaheim in his final career trip to Angels Stadium. This is John Sterling's call:

"The 0-one, swung on and hit in the air to deep left center field, and Green back on the track--she's gone! Derek Jeter hits one over the left center field wall...How da ya like that! He gets honored and he homers...El Capitan! He hits his first home run of the year and the Yankees take a 6 nothing lead."
Final 9-2 Yankees.

5/7/14, Gif of Jeter's first home run of 2014, via SB Nation. Top of second in Anaheim v pitcher Hector Santiago, score becomes 6-0 Yankees over LA Angels

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