Friday, September 20, 2013

John Sterling call of Arod grand slam at Yankee Stadium v San Francisco Giants

9/20/13, Alex Rodriguez hit a grand slam v SF Giants in the bottom of the 7th. Here is John Sterling's call:

"Alex Rodriguez at his dramatic best drove one into the right field seats! It's an A-bomb from A-rod! A grand slam! And the Yankees take a 5-1 lead."

Replaying his live call on Yankee radio post game show, Mr. Sterling led into the above call by saying Arod's grand slam tied Lou Gehrig: "It's a grand slam to tie Lou Gehrig." After replaying the entire call, he said he needed to correct himself, that Arod's grand slam had actually broken a tie with Lou Gehrig, and now he has one more. I didn't hear the call live, so I don't know if he corrected himself during the live game. Final, 5-1 Yankees.

9/21/13, Newsday back page, "Arod passes Gehrig for most career grand slams in Yanks win,"  final 5-1 Yankees

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