Friday, September 20, 2013

Empire State Building is for sale

9/19/13, "New York family who own the Empire State Building set to sell the iconic landmark," UK Daily Mail, Mia De Graaf

"The Empire State Building is going up for sale. No longer the world's tallest, but still the most iconic, the 102-storey skyscraper has been the subject of gushing poems, films and music since it emerged in 1931. And today, in a move that has sent the market into a frenzy, reports emerged that the Malkin family, owner of the legendary art deco tower, plans to let it go. Starting as early as this week, the multibillionaires will launch a 'roadshow' to pitch the sale to investors around the world. They hope to fetch $1 billion (£620,000,000) for the landmark and 17 other properties in what could be the second biggest public offering of real estate in American history."...getty photo via bbc

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