Friday, September 13, 2013

CJ Nitkowski rattles off cliches like the fast talker from the FedEx commercial

9/13/13, CJ Nitkowski sitting in for Suzyn Waldman sounds like the robotic, fast talking FedEx guy

Nitkowski sounds like he'd be fine as a sports talk show host. Baseball play by play on radio is something entirely different. It's conversation, not speeches. Nitkowski is completely unsuited for it, though you got no hint of that from John Sterling who is always the professional as is his usual partner Suzyn Waldman. Radio was treated as a dumping ground by whomever put Nitkowski on Yankee radio on September 4 then let him come back twice more after that. Last year Jeff Nelson sat in for Suzyn and he was perfect for the job. Final tonight 8-4 Red Sox.

"FedEx commercial with John Moschitta

Uploaded on Sep 2, 2006, "John Moschitta is the fast talking guy most people don't know the name of. This FedEx commercial is what made him famous."


Update, Sat. 9/14/13, Nikowski's third game this month and he's still riffing unintelligible speeches. This means Yankee management is fine with it. Sterling and Waldman are apparently a once in a lifetime fluke, one which many of us hope continues indefinitely. Radio isn't a dumping ground for political patronage. People aren't going to listen to robots. I stopped listening for 3 years when they put Charley Steiner with John Sterling.

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