Friday, August 23, 2013

In Cuba a baseball player earns around $20 a month-BBC

8/22/13, "Cuban baseball greats vs US-based defectors," BBC

"Some of Cuba's greatest baseball stars are about to begin an unprecedented sporting event. The veterans play a series in the US with former team-mates who left the communist island, many playing in the Major League on huge salaries....

The US city of Miami is home to large numbers of Cuba exiles and, for many of them, a showcase match for Cuba's top baseball side appears too close to pro-Castro propaganda.

That initially complicated the search for a venue when Florida International University pulled out. But eventually organisers found alternatives. The series starts with a game in Tampa on Friday....In Cuba, a player earns around $20 a month."...(this item, subhead 'Quiet transformation') image of threadbare baseballs on Cuban field from BBC

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