Sunday, August 18, 2013

Boston fans cheer after Arod is hit by a pitch. Loop of Arod being hit in the ribs. UPDATE: Arod hits home run in Boston

Update: Arod hits home run in Boston in the sixth.

8/18/13, "Boston Fans Cheer ARod Hit By Pitch," Free Republic, by PieterCasparzen 

"After throwing at ARod several times - even behind him - when a pitch finally hit him high on his back, a large number of the fans at Fenway actually loudly cheered.
Disgusting. I'd walk off the field if I was playing for the Yankees. That's pure evil. You don't cheer a supposed professional pitcher hitting a batter on purpose.
I have NO desire to see Boston-NY games the rest of this year.
I could care less about any media-hype about supposed competition between the two teams. As far as I'm concerned it's a media scam to get a broader audience.
It's not about baseball." Yankees at Red Sox, 8/18/13

Red Sox pitcher Dempster misses Rodriguez with one pitch, hits him in the ribs with next, 8/18/13, property of CJZero, fansided.com

"ESPN Stats & Info         @ESPNStatsInfo
Alex Rodriguez has been plunked 21 times by the Red Sox in his career, the most by a team he's faced.

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