Friday, August 09, 2013

Arod 'love' signs at Yankee Stadium. All fan experiences aren't defined by media. 'Staggering amount of negative noise in NY,' MLB exec, 2007

8/9/13, Arod fan signs in Yankee Stadium as he takes his first at bat, Tigers v Yankees, via bleacherreport. Maybe fans are reacting to the staggering media negativity. Maybe they're saying, you know, we get to decide what our fan experience will be like, not you.

9/21/2007, "Steadiness and Sturdiness," NY Post, Joel Sherman

"As a rival executive said recently, "I can't imagine what it was like to be them (Brian Cashman and Joe Torre) in May (when the team was as much as eight games under .500). It is staggering the amount of negative noise that comes in New York (from media and fans) when your team spends that much money, has their expectations and has their history. It is bad anywhere, but in New York it is so much louder and so much more relentless.

To stay the course, to stay yourself, I really admire that.""... 


Update: Yankee management make it next to impossible to be a Yankee fan to begin with. They have to give Arod this letter on the day of his first game back and before the game? Why not wait a few hours and give it to him after the game?

8/10/13, "A-Rod faces fine of one day's pay," ESPN, Wallace Matthews

"Rodriguez...was hand-delivered a letter written by Yankees general manager Brian Cashman before Friday night's game against the Detroit Tigers, as first reported by ESPNNewYork.com's Andrew Marchand."...

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