Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Chicago White Sox attendance boosted by Arod presence, sold 3000 more than usual game day sales

8/5/13, "A-Rod’s suspension helped Chicago White Sox sell tickets," fansided.com, Corey Leahy

"For a team on a 10 game losing streak, selling tickets might be a little bit of a challenge. But then again, the team on this losing streak, the Chicago White Sox, just happens to be playing against the New York Yankees, and newly suspended Alex Rodriguez. Needless to say, fans jumped at the opportunity to boo the third baseman for the opposing team.

On Monday, which was game day as well as the announcement of A-Rod’s 211-game suspension, the White Sox were able to sell 3,200 tickets. That is a great number for game day sales, especially since a higher up in the organization said that the team usually sells just ‘a couple hundred’ tickets on the day of a game.

The White Sox average a little over 23,000 tickets a game, which is 7th worst in the majors. However on Monday night, the crowd jumped to 27,948, according to ESPN.

So I guess the White Sox should actually thank Alex Rodriguez; not only did he bring in more fans and spectators to U.S. Cellular Field, but he may have helped the crowd cheer on the home team as they have taken a commanding 8-1 lead over the Yankees as the game is headed to the eighth inning."

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