Saturday, July 27, 2013

24/7 Arod on New York radio

7/25/13, "WFAN vs. ESPN Radio - A-Rod Story," NY Radio Message Board, Posted by Vince V. on July 25, 2013 at 09:16:44:

"The Alex Rodriguez story has accelerated over the last 24 hrs, in no small part due to the radio appearances of a doctor who looked at A-Rod's MRI on WFAN, claiming he did not have the grade 1 quad pull the Yankee medical staff diagnosed last weekend.

The interesting part is that several callers to Francesa yesterday basically called him the mouthpiece for Team A-Rod.

And Michael Kay went onto twitter and said he'd love to have A-Rod on his show for a "tough, but fair grilling", but that's not going to happen, because A-Rod is "looking for blind support", a not too veiled dig at Mike's interview with A-Rod from last week.

I happen to think some of the critique of Mike is fair - the doctor himself never examined A-Rod in person, just looked at the MRI, which was somewhat glossed over by Mike. And when Dr. Gross told Mike A-Rod asked him to say he was medically fit to play, I would have thought Mike would have been a little tougher in the follow-up questioning (e.g. don't you think its a tad bit suspicious that a player would ask to get clearance over the phone from someone who hasn't seen him personally and is not authorized to do so).

Then again, I agree with Mike that there's not one sports talk show who would not jump at the opportunity to speak to him. In fact, Dr. Gross did a spot on ESPN Radio just after he finished with WFAN (on the Steven A Smith show).

In his intro to the interview, Mike made it sound like the interview was a result of WFAN's relationship with Hackensack Medical Center, but all logic (and HIPA laws) make it clear the only realistic way he got on the air was through Team A-Rod's authorization to go out and do these interviews.

And for the last twist, it turns out that Dr. Gross was reprimanded just this past February for failure to supervise an unlicensed employee at his private wellness center (not at Hackensack Hospital) in prescribing hormones and steriods to patients."


Comment: I turn on WFAN every day to make sure they're still talking about Arod 24/7, which they usually are so I turn it off. I didn't hear any of the doctor the poster above speaks of.

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