Thursday, July 18, 2013

2013 MLB All Star game was broadcast in English on 3 local radio stations in NY metro area

7/18/13, "A quirk to the All Star Game being on both WFAN and 98.7 ESPN this week," NY Radio Message Board

"Posted by HarryJ on July 18, 2013 at 16:03:35:

The MLB All-Star Game was broadcast in English on 3 local radio stations this past Tuesday (WFAN-AM, WFAN-FM, WEPN-FM). This was allowed because MLB rules allow the flagship station of the home team that plays in the stadium of the All-Star site to air the game-whether or not they actually have purchased the rights to that game (if they choose to)...so, ESPN Radio nationally (98.7 locally) had the rights to the game, and WFAN decided to also pick up the game since they are the flagship for The Mets/Citi Field. While it was odd enough to hear ESPN programming on the 'FAN, all the stars aligned right for a quirk to happen during the early innings. The 'cast had Yankee TV play by play voice and WEPN-FM afternoon drive co-host Michael Kay sit in for an inning and a half of the game. Obvious cross promotion for ESPN Radio."...

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