Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jack O'Connell not ready for his close-up as presenter for baseball's first televised awards

11/15/12, "Watch The Super Awkward Presenter Of Baseball’s Individual Awards," Sportsgrid.com, Jordan Rabinowitz

"Well, Major League Baseball’s awards week is over. It was certainly the most talked about such week in recent memory, capped by the closest AL Cy Young race in history, the first knuckleballer to ever take home the NL Cy Young, and an AL MVP race in which the writers flipped off sabermetricians everywhere, with a resounding “Not yet, nerds!”

But this year’s awards also made a bit of history in that they were televised for the first time. And just in case you didn’t make it to the MLB Network to watch the big reveals, here are all eight for you. This wouldn’t be of any significance, except for the fact that BBWAA secretary/treasurer Jack O’Connell, the man who presented the awards, is the most painstakingly awkward human on the face of the planet. You have more charisma than him, and most likely, you have very little charisma.

O’Connell looked so desperately like he needed a teleprompter or a script, but sadly, did not have one. Shifty eyes, and weird starts and stops marked his performance. He is also uncharacteristically sullen for such a joyous event, so I don’t really know what gives. And with no audience to picture in their underpants except for Billy Ripken, he was doomed from the start. Without further ado, Mr. O’Connell."...


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