Friday, November 02, 2012

Jersey Shore town Seaside Heights under martial law after Sandy

11/1/12, “Seaside Heights residents wait to see what remains, ABC News, WPVI TV, N. Muchanic

The Fun Town Pier in Seaside Heights is now a pile of twisted metal and broken rides lying on the beach as waves lap over it.
It’s one of two piers destroyed in hurricane Sandy where the iconic Ferris wheels seem to be the only thing left standing.

I think anybody who’s ever been to Seaside or grew up here loves this place; this the way I make my living and a lot of other people make their living. They’ll be back,” arcade worker Helen Stewart said.

It’s hard to conceive of how long that could take. Seaside Heights and nearby towns are under martial law.

“We know people are there, we’re keeping an eye on them, and they need to stay on their property. If they come off their property to come off the island, then they don’t get back on. It’ll be a while before anybody gets back on the island until we make it safe,” Toms River Police Chief Mike Mastronardy said.

That’s upsetting to homeowners who’ve only seen their barrier island from aerial shots. The pictures are devastating and they are desperate to find out if their houses are still standing.” via Free Republic

Pictures of Sandy impact


Ed. note: Here is a You Tube video from Bay Head, New Jersey made after Sandy. Bay Head is about 10 miles north of Seaside Heights. Of interest at the You Tube site are questions people have left asking the videographer, Spraynard Kruger, if he/she could check on conditions at particular locations in town, they’re concerned about well-being of relatives living there. Spraynard mentions having to get back for “curfew” which may mean Bay Head is among “nearby towns also under martial law mentioned in the Seaside Hts. story above. “Hurricane Sandy Destroys Bay Head NJ.” 

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