Monday, October 29, 2012

Great New England Hurricane of 1938, Milton, Mass. reported sustained wind of 121 mph

"This strong Cat.-3 Hurricane struck several coastal areas of New England in September of 1938 with little warning, killing 256 people and moving at a forward speed over 50 MPH. The Blue Hill Observatory at Milton, Massachusetts reported a sustained wind of 121 MPH with a gust of 183 MPH. Hartford Connecticut had a low pressure reading of 28.04 inches. Just over 2000 people were injured. Damage was around $250-million dollars. (1938-dollars.)"


"Cops with clubs in their hands... Were they going to beat the storm into submission?"

via Tom Nelson, 10/29/12, "See it for yourself: Two-minute video shows how great the weather was in 1938, before you ruined it by driving your kids to soccer practice"

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