Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Russell Martin chats with Andino after game

Update: Suzyn said during Tuesday's game Joe Girardi doesn't mind players on the field trying to steal signs, he only objects when people in the stands or elsewhere off the field attempt to do so. "Russell Martin repeatedly said he couldn't remember exactly what happened, but a coy smile said otherwise.

After Mariano Rivera got J.J. Hardy to line out to left to end Monday night's game, Martin had some words for the Orioles' Robert Andino, who was on second after a one-out double.

"I said something first," Martin admitted. Indications were that Martin was upset because he felt Andino was tipping Rivera's pitch locations. "I didn't say that," Martin said, again smiling.

Earlier, he said, smile intact: "I think he was inviting me to a sparring session next offseason or something like that. I'll get his number; we'll talk it over later."

Asked if it might carry over to Tuesday night, he said, "Maybe it will make it more exciting, I don't know. I can't predict the future. It's fun. It's baseball. There's emotions flying and stuff. What else can I say?""

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