Monday, April 09, 2012

'California declares war on suburbia'

"In short, to discourage automobile use." "It's no secret that California's regulatory and tax climate is driving business investment to other states. California's high cost of living also is driving people away. Since 2000 more than 1.6 million people have fled, and my own research as well as that of others points to high housing prices as the principal factor.

The exodus is likely to accelerate. California has declared war on the most popular housing choice, the single family, detached home—all in the name of saving the planet.

Metropolitan area governments are adopting plans that would require most new housing to be built at 20 or more to the acre, which is at least five times the traditional quarter acre per house. State and regional planners also seek to radically restructure urban areas, forcing much of the new hyperdensity development into narrowly confined corridors.

In San Francisco and San Jose, for example, the Association of Bay Area Governments has proposed that only 3% of new housing built by 2035 would be allowed on or beyond the "urban fringe"—where current housing ends and the countryside begins. Over two-thirds of the housing for the projected two million new residents in these metro areas would be multifamily—that is, apartments and condo complexes—and concentrated along major thoroughfares such as Telegraph Avenue in the East Bay
  • and El Camino Real on the Peninsula.
The campaign against suburbia is the result of laws passed in 2006 (the Global Warming Solutions Act) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and in 2008 (the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act) on urban planning. The latter law, as the Los Angeles Times aptly characterized it, was intended to "control suburban sprawl, build homes closer to downtown and reduce commuter driving, thus decreasing climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions." In short, to discourage automobile use.

If the planners have their way, the state's famously unaffordable housing could become even more unaffordable."...

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Massachusetts enacts 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act

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MLB supports government 'sustainable,' 'climate change,' 'global warming' programs. Aside from the fact that the theory used to justify the global warming and sustainable industry is fantasy, MLB is supporting its own suicide.

"Discretionary/recreational travel is considered much riskier than necessary travel for work and family obligations. It places motorists behind the wheel for longer lengths of time and during all hours of the day and night. ... DOT will continue its ongoing efforts to develop new and innovative strategies in the pursuit of safe and livable communities" ...

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"It's not just erratic gas prices and a bad economy that's hurting automakers. It may be that Americans are changing."

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Among other frauds, data used to make Calif. law was hugely false, top official knew it, allowed vote to take place anyway. (One scientist was known to have lied about having a degree but his "data" were used to make Calif. law). Even when others found out about this, no one was arrested for the crime, no one stopped the law, or raised the point that no statistics can be believed from this group, even the 'corrected' ones:

"One of the major recent problems was an air board estimate of premature deaths caused by particulate matter spewing from diesel engines. The first calculation found 18,000 deaths a year in the state had links to particulate matter. That has been revised down by nearly half.

The revision was ordered after the board scientist who oversaw that study was outed as having faked his scientific credentials.

Roberts and other board members were not told by Nichols that the scientist, Hien Tran, lied about earning a doctorate from UC Davis before they voted in favor of regulations based in part on his science. That vote took place in December 2008.

Nichols, who acknowledges she knew about the falsification prior to the vote, has apologized for not sharing that information with her fellow board members."...(pg. 2)

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