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Likely steps by NBC personnel to make Zimmerman sound racist on tape, per 20 yr. tape editor

7/20/10, "'Call them racists,' How 'journolists' tried to suppress the news," WSJ, by James Taranto "NBC continues to characterize its deceptive edit of George Zimmerman’s 911 call a “mistake.” The edited version, in which George Zimmerman says Trayvon Martin “looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black” appeared on the Today show and on NBC’s web properties. That edit put racial concerns front and center in a story that may not have been about race at all. But could the edit really be a mistake?

Is it possible for such an internal edit that substantially alters the nature of Zimmerman’s call with the 911 dispatcher to happen by chance? As an audio and video editor for going on 20 years, in my opinion it is highly implausible and close to impossible for that edit to have occurred by chance. Watch this video and you’ll see why.

In the edit booth, whether the editor was working with Final Cut Pro, as our editor was, or Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid or Audacity or Soundbooth — whatever the editing platform used — the Zimmerman edit took several steps. The audio track had to be placed on a timeline for editing. In and out points had to be set around the words that the editor wanted to remove. Then the editor had to remove those words with a delete action. Then the resulting edit had to be smoothed over, probably with a crossfade, to remove pops or abrupt changes in the background noise.

The file had to be saved, and since it was edited in Florida, had to be transferred to NBC New York over the Internet. Whether the video was added in New York or Florida, teams of producers in Florida and New York must have seen the clip and heard the audio before it aired.

  • Surely more than a single editor in Florida heard both the original audio file and the deceptive edit.

Lawyers would likely have looked it over prior to airing it. The final say would have gone to executive producer Jim Bell, who is described in his official NBC bio as a “hands on” producer. Along the way, someone had to transcribe the sound for posting on the Web.

  • MSNBC’s version was identical to the Today version —

both omitted the section in which it is clear that Zimmerman only notes Martin’s race in response to an informational question from the dispatcher. Omitting that section changed the entire nature of the clip, and significantly altered the story’s trajectory.

Can all of this happen by chance? It’s about as likely as getting struck by lightning, I suppose: Possible but on the very edge of probability. The most likely explanation is that the network edited the Zimmerman call the way it did on purpose." via Instapundit

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"The phrase "Editgate" established itself virtually overnight. It fit so well. This useful compound merges "edit," in reference to NBC's incendiary editing of George Zimmerman's 911 call, and "gate," the catch-all suffix used to describe a corrupt mess of deception and obfuscation. Already "Editgate" is being used more expansively to include other distortions in the Trayvon Martin case, including ABC's compression of the police videotape to obscure Zimmerman's head wound and CNN's absurdly imaginative translation of the Zimmerman word "cold" into the nearly archaic "coons."

Together, these three deceptions -- and there will be more -- have established Editgate as the most consequential high-level fraud in the left's long history of what might be called "race-gating." By this, I mean the purposeful media corruption of a racially oriented story.

The media's willingness to lie for the cause should shock no one to the right of Bill Ayers. What is particularly troubling about Editgate is that the major media, which once served as a firewall against fraud, now seem eager accomplices in its commission.

"Spittlegate" is a case in point. In March 2010, the media conspired with the Congressional Black Caucus to portray a group of well-behaved Tea Partiers protesting ObamaCare as a veritable lynch mob."...

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