Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Giants 2010 World Series win was their first in 56 years, not 52 years, notes Phil of Showtime 'The Franchise' intro

9/6/11, Phil Mushnick, "As colleague C.J. Sullivan notes, every one of Showtime's first eight episodes of "The Franchise," a show that follows the San Francisco Giants, begins with team announcer Duane Kuiper hollering, The Giants' World Series win, last year, was their first in 56 years."...
  • Over to the YES Network:
"As for Robinson Cano, in a one-run game (Mon. 9/5/11) he didn't initially run out a grounder that was bobbled. Getting a late start, Cano was thrown out. It was hard to miss, which must be why Kay, Ken Singleton and John Flaherty didn't say a word about it."...
  • On ESPN's priorities:
"And on ESPN, it's always about the next thing; it's never about the event that it begged you to watch during the previous thing. Two minutes into the first quarter, ESPN presented this graphic:

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