Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Commenter on Yankee front office situation, anonymous smears through the media part of gang warfare mentality

Comment to WasWatching.com post, "Now Yankees upset with Jeter?"
  • May 16, "77 Yankees, 7:39pm
redbug wrote:

Here again I’m ticked at the yankees. Why did they find it necessary to tell the press there was a conference call among mgnt, ownership and Jeter? Why is Olney, a very reputable reporter, saying, “The team’s front office was so angry with what Posada did that they considered releasing the veteran immediately.”? Well, to me, it’s clear the Yankees want to show how tough they are publicly. Just like they did w/ Jeter this winter. Why did we all have to hear the disrespect shown toward Jeter?

It’s the gang warfare that permeates the Yankee front office these days to

  • anonymously smear through the media.

Girardi loathes most of the media, so he’s not part of it. I don’t even think it’s the H&H boys either. Hal is low-key, and Hank, foot-in-mouth prone as he is, at least puts his name behind it.

So from the front office, it either has to be Cashman, or everyone’s favorite lackey (And I’m not talking about the Red Sox pitcher)

  • who’s feeding all this dish anonymously to the media."

  • It narrows down to the usual suspect. He and Bud Selig are both obsessed with using the media to try in vain to control narratives. ed.


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