Monday, May 16, 2011

Andruw Jones home run calls from John Sterling, Updated

  • Update, Sun., July 8, 2012, Jones gets his now usual Sterling tag, "Merry Andruw, he's keeping up with the Joneses!" top of the 7th in Boston, final 7-3 Yankees.
Update, Fri., 5/11/12, Sterling gives his usual call for Andruw Jones home runs: "He is Merry Andruw, keeping up with the Joneses." It was a 2 run shot, bottom of the 8th, final 6-2 Yankees over Seattle.
  • Update, Thurs., 8/18/11: Andruw's home run v Twins in 5th Sterling, "He becomes Merry Andruw as he keeps up with the Joneses." (as before)
UPDATE, Thurs., 7/14/11, I heard John Sterling's call of Jones' second home run of the night, in the 6th inning. Mr. Sterling has stayed with the theme adopted in May:
  • "Merry Andruw! Keeping up with the Joneses!"
UPDATE: Wed., 5/25/11, Andruw Jones gets 3rd and 4th home run calls from John Sterling on Yankee radio v Blue Jays:
  • 2nd inning, "Andruw Jones unloads, he's keeping up with the Joneses! He's Merry Andruw!"
  • 6th inning, "Andruw Jones is keeping up with the Joneses! He's Merry Andruw!
5/15, In Sunday night's Red Sox-Yankee game in the bottom of the second, the tag from John Sterling for Jones' second home run on Yankee radio as I heard it:
  • "He's Merry Andruw, and he's keeping up with the Joneses!"
This is a change from Sterling's first home run call for Jones, which was, "Andruw Jones makes his bones."


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