Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big bad Brian Cashman runs to national television bully pulpit, Yankee management style continues downward spiral

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  • Letterman hosts Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter, and Hideki Matsui, 11/05/09. photo from nyyfans.com
---------------------------------------------------------- Cashman goes on Fox TV saying Posada was not playing and it was not injury related.
  • --------------------------------------------------
5/3/2008, Suzyn today on Yankee radio reminds in the mid 1990's Yankee attendance was lagging in the Bronx. It was said the Yankees "needed a new stadium,
  • because nobody would come to the Bronx."
"The Yankees didn't get to #1 in attendance in the AL until 2003.
  • 1995 1,705,263 Rank 7 of 14 AL teams
  • 1996 2,250,887 Rank 7 of 14 AL teams
  • ---------------------------------------------------
9/28/1998, "To (George) Steinbrenner's annoyance, the Yankees ranked
  • per home game through August (1998)."...
...From Business Week article, "The Yankees: Steinbrenner's Money Machine," 9/28/1998 by Anthony Bianco with Mark Hyman in Baltimore
  • --------------------------------------------------------
"He sat in the visitors' clubhouse at Comerica Park one year ago, after another Yankee postseason had ended in the first round. To the end, Jorge Posada stayed in there. He kept swinging. There was a two-out single in the seventh inning, when it was already 8-1 for the Tigers. Then came a two-run homer in the ninth, Posada making the last game of the season, 8-3.
  • To the end, he was a great Yankee.

It was quiet in front of his locker 30 minutes later. It is usually quiet there, unless Posada has something to say. Then he lets you have it.

"It's the thing people don't always see from Jorge," Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said yesterday. "How emotional he can be. It's mostly because he's always wanted to win as much as anybody we have."

That day in Comerica Park, some Yankees already were out of the shower and dressed and thinking about the bus to the airport. The first moments of next season are always the same when you lose the last game, whether you are home or on the road. They are looking to go, especially when it ends 8-3 and one of the only ones fighting is the catcher.

The catcher wasn't going anywhere. He was still in uniform, sitting there in front of the locker. He had at least made that one last swing. He had not made the last out of the season. A year later, against Joe Borowski of the Indians, he just missed hitting a ninth-inning home run that would have brought the Yankees to within a run and scared the Indians half to death.

At Comerica, in October of '06, one of the writers came by and told him that this might not be the time to say it, but he was going to say it anyway,
  • what a great Yankee Posada was.

Posada thanked the guy, shook his hand.

"You never think it will end this soon," he said. "Not after what we used to do."

He gets paid now by the Yankees for all of it, what he used to be and what the Yankees used to be, for being one of the last members of the Class of '96 - class in all ways - who is still here."...
  • --------------------------------------------------------
"The Yankees" do not seem to understand fans have limits. Fans are free to spend their money elsewhere as long as Brian Cashman is there. ed.


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